MUJI Eco - Labo is a school project aiming to make fashion circular. The store feature is stationed at MUJI Plaza Singapura Singapore. Ordering a garment is online as the products are made-to-order.

Introducing product sustainability that involves customer choice and organic fabrics that allow garments to have an added quality of feeling pristine. A store-like exhibit showcasing 6 garment silhouttes, 3 cottons, 10 organic fabrics and various colours to choose when ordering.

Guerilla Marketing

Advertising mockups in the public train system in Singapore (Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station). 


This is a popcorn packaging design inspired by the classic carnival stripes, with the entire design meant to look like a rocket when it stands. The idea of a retro mix fantasy design was inspired by Bethesda's "Fallout", a game series that mixed retro art and atmosphere with science - fiction. My drawn character mascot "Cosmos" was actually inspired by "Nestle's Honey Stars" mascot and at the time of conceptualisation, "Captain Marvel" by Marvel Studios.

A school project consisting of 3 Illustrated videos for Daiso Japan. Meant to raise awareness on overspending, and exposes the corrupt desires of today's society.

Valued for Money

Current generation of millennials (like myself) have gone to coveting ourselves in luxury. This often results in cutting spending of other areas of life. Like the example here, the irony of a branded wallet and a broke bank account.​​​​​​​

F'ed up Reality

People can want the  latest and best technology, just to utilize it in the most miserable and non practical way of entertainment. Exaggerated here is the use of a VR headset to satisfy one's lust.  

Wine all you Want

There's absolutely no harm in drinking unless you're an addict, but sometimes people can go to desperate measures to enjoy all they want.


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